I call upon these friends here present…


I have always known that I am so lucky to have such a remarkable group of friends. But, I was truly overwhelmed by the support, generosity, kindness and indeed the talents of my friends in the build up to our wedding.

With a view to keeping it personal, my husband and I asked friends and family to get involved fully in the preparation and wedding day itself. The cake, the photographs, the music, the centrepieces, the invites, the favours (to name a few!) were all made with love by those we love most in the world. And this, quite simply, made the day even more beautiful.

Invite the people who know you best to help make your day best for you. They want to and they will.

As Dionne Warwick once said, “that’s what friends are for.”

Wooden Centrepieces by Matthew 'Whitwood' Whitaker

Woodcraft by Groomsman Matthew ‘Whitwood’ Whitaker

Cake by My Rachel

Cake by My Bridesmaid Rachel

Cupcakes by Jess

Cupcakes by Jess

Favour boxes by Lovely Kate

Favour boxes by Kate


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