‘Twas a year before the wedding…

…and all through the town,

the new bride (-to-be) had chosen

what she thought was probably going to possibly be the perfect wedding gown.

And it was.

Start as we mean to go on...

Start as we mean to go on…

Yes, I got my dress a whole year before our wedding date. Believe me, this is a big deal for possibly the most indecisive person in the world. However, when they say you find ‘the one’, it is true. Sort of.

I bought my dress from an outlet shop in Acklam, Middlesbrough. Sadly, the shop is no longer there. It was the second shop I’d visited and, as I’ve already mentioned, I knew the style I wanted. That was the style I was desperately trying to make my body look good in.

Initially, I tried on MY dress (THE dress) for a joke. My mum wanted me to so I thought I’d give mother’s choice a go. For a laugh.

And, as I stood on that little stool that all bridal shops have, I knew it was something special, but in a good way. A dress that I thought would never EVER work made me feel incredibly special. I felt like I was wearing a wedding dress; my wedding dress.

My mum bought me my dress there and then. It was an absolute bargain (>£300 anyone?!), fitted me perfectly and was a one-off. It took some doing but I made a decision and never regretted it. (Apart from my mini ‘dress-related’ meltdown the week before the wedding. Standard)

Now, I was certainly very lucky with my dress, but my advice to any bride would have to be: don’t rule out the outlet.

As Cilla Black once said, “life is full, full of surprises!”