‘Twas the night before the wedding…

…and all through the house,

the bride was in meltdown


This happened to me the night before my wedding day. How it got onto the dress (MY DRESS!), I’ll never know. It had been handled only in sterile environments for just shy of a year. Freshly showered, I had wrapped my face in a hand towel every time tried it on. It even had its own bedroom and visiting hours at my parents’ house. And now, with less that 24 hours to go, it. was. RUINED!!!!!

I cried and went to bed.

The next morning, I went to Marks and Spencer and bought some silk stain remover wipes. The morning I thought I would spend sipping champagne in a white robe, air-kissing and hand-wafting with my girls (in matching robes) was spent stuck behind a tractor on my way to Darlington town centre.

I learnt a lot from this. Yes, I had a bridezilla moment that I will forever be slightly ashamed of, but it made me realise what is really important. If someone had told me I would spend the morning of my wedding in Marks and Spencer I would have vowed not to. But, I’m glad I did.

Your day will be what it will be. Be thankful for what it decides to become. And if things don’t *quite* go according to plan, you will find your own Marks and Spencer stain remover wipes, somehow.

Trust me. We got the stain off. All was fine.

As Bruce Hornsby once said, “that’s just the way it is.”


Abstain, you stain!

“I am a princess and I want to go to bed!”

You are a princess.

We are all princesses. But, as a bride, you feel you need to be the most princessy princess of all, right?

I defy any bride to NOT want to feel, in herself, incredibly special, and there is no better way of doing this than with a perfectly princessy dress. And shoes. And hair. And teeth. And veil. And underwear. And shoes. And jewellery. And make-up. And skin. And nails. And figure.

I worried about all of these things. I worried that if, in any way, these ‘oh so important’ things were not perfect, MY day would not be perfect. I worried that if, in any way, I did not achieve and maintain ultimate, lasting beauty in each of these areas, I would (p)regret it.

I want to tell you so much about this. I want you to know how my perception was challenged and changed. I want you to share in what i learned. And I will.

But, for now, let’s just look at this.

Letting it go...

Letting it go…

This photo was taken at the end of the night. And, do you know what? I don’t care. I am having fun.

My sister recalls me sitting (in this state) pulling out my hair grips whilst stating, “I am a princess and I want to go to bed!”

I don’t think I was truly a princess until that point.

As Elsa once said, “let it go!”

Don’t pregret it!

There were so many things I regretted about our wedding before they happened. But, when they had happened, I didn’t regret them.

Strange, that.

I am worrier, a splendid worrier, and I am always ready with the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘p(remature)regrets’.

A classic from our wedding was…

“I’m really going to regret it if I don’t get a photograph of us with everyone at the wedding.”

So, I bought a camera. And carried it around with me all day.

This was one of 9 photos I took all day.

No (p)regrets!

Que Sera, Sera…

Do I regret it? Not at all!

Don’t waste time worrying about the what ifs and pregrets.

As Doris Day once said, “que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.”